RM 36,800.00

Our largest upright, the FEURICH 133 – Concert, delivers exceptional bass response and a large sound to rival many small grand pianos. Sophisticated CNC milling techniques on the iron frame result in a purity of tone in the bass not found on other uprights. The use of special rust-free strings, as well as various other technical innovations set this instrument apart from the competition.

Extra large construction for exceptionally large sound
Special Paulello-designed “Rust-free” string wire
FEURICH designed action with no plastic components
Duplex Scaling for extra brilliance in tone
Sophisticated iron frame design for purity in bass register
Integrated anti-glare LED Lamp
Soft Fall System
celeste pedal for quiet playing mode––perfect for sensitive neighbours!
The 133 – Concert is perfectly suited to schools and conservatories, as well as small concert and recording venues. Its sound rivals that of many small grand pianos and its touch provides excellent dynamic response with a fast repetition.

The FEURICH 133 – Concert is available in black, with brass fittings and red felts, or chrome fittings and grey felts and can easily be fitted with the optional FEURICH silencer system.



• 超大尺寸设计造就音域丰富广阔
• 交互弦列成就高音独特的明亮清澈
• 数控机床精工铣制的弦枕纽使低音格外纯净
• 鲍莱罗不锈琴弦
• 弗尔里希精准击弦机,完全摒弃塑料材质的零件
• 德国武岑双A品质榔头呢毡
• 高品质真木黑键触键舒适精准
• 内置无眩光LED谱架照明系统和专配键盖缓降器
• 弗尔里希弱音踏瓣可启动弱音弹奏模式,以免打搅敏感的邻居!

弗尔里希立式钢琴133 – 演奏家系列可选配的颜色有黑色外壳配红铜色金属件与酒红色呢毡,或银色金属件与黑色呢毡,并可选配弗尔里希静音系统。