Feurich 122 – UNIVERSAL

RM 23,600.00

The FEURICH 122 – Universal is the most successful in the FEURICH range of pianos, picking up the Gold Medal twice for the “best upright on the market” in a blindfold test by the influential French magazine Diapason

Its popularity is owed to its robust and durable construction, coupled with an exceptional depth of sound for an instrument of this size. The new FEURICH action allows a delicate pianissimo all the way up to the most impressive of fortissimos.

  • incredible tone across the entire range
  • much loved, and best selling upright in homes & schools worldwide
  • durable & robust construction
  • highest quality spruce soundboard with an additional special lamination for great sound & climatic stability
  • FEURICH designed action & keyboard––no plastic components
  • quality Australian wool felt for the hammerheads
  • exceptional dynamic range
  • celeste pedal for quiet playing mode––perfect for sensitive neighbours!

The 122 – Universal has been constantly improved and redeveloped over more than one decade, based on feedback from our many partners worldwide. As with all FEURICH uprights, it is available in various colours and can easily be fitted with the optional FEURICH silencer system.

Technical Specifications 

This prize-winning model (including the prestigious Diapason d’or) has already proven itself and is a regular first choice in institutions for its robust construction and exceptional tone. 

• High quality wooden soundboard, set in a precisely bonded locking system: robust and durable construction with a rich and balanced tonal spectrum 

• Climate-resistant laminated pinblock in combination with a CNCmilled iron plate to provide long-lasting tuning stabilty 

• Unique action design, with an equally weighted keyboard. First class felt, made by FEURICH in England. Keyboard and action made using solid Austrian timber, to produce the perfect touch and enable fast repetition, even when playing pianissimo 

• FEURICH hammerheads made from quality felt using Australian wool, to offer a wide tonal range, from bright and clear, to gentle and warm 

• Elegant pedal design with traditional wooden levers and U-shaped springs, enabling remarkably noise-free performance and requiring very little maintenance 

• Reliable and easy-to-operate celeste pedal enables night time practice. Optional Silencer System for playing in headphone mode 

• Extra-large piano wheels enable smooth repositioning.


立式钢琴122 – 环球系列



• 整个音域音色完美
• 耐久性强
• 错层粘结的高品质云杉音板确保最佳的耐候性和音效的稳定性
• 弗尔里希击弦机精准度高,完全摒弃塑料材质的零件
• 榔头呢毡采用最细的澳大利亚初剪羊毛制成
• 动态范围尤为出众
• 弗尔里希弱音踏瓣可启动弱音弹奏模式,以免打搅敏感的邻居!