RM 19,800.00

The most compact upright in the FEURICH range of pianos––with an elegant Bauhaus design, this instrument is perfect for modern city living, where space is at a premium. Thanks to some creative piano design features, the FEURICH 115 – Premiere manages to get a larger-than-life sound from an instrument of this size.

  • designed by renowned German piano builder Rolf Ibach
  • extremely balanced sound for a small instrument
  • unique FEURICH action design––no plastic components
  • stylish Bauhaus design
  • celeste pedal for quiet playing mode––perfect for sensitive neighbours!

The Model 115 – Premiere has been through a rigorous process of improvement and redevelopment to result in the quality instrument we have today. 

The Model 115 – Premiere is available in black or white, with brass or chrome interior fittings, and can easily be fitted with the optional FEURICH silencer system.Mod._115_-_Premiere_10black_brass-357x258.png

Youtube: https://youtu.be/SHYanl3kYXA



因为拥有众多创新性的设计细节,让115卓越系列具有相对同类款型钢琴独一无二的饱满声效。该款钢琴外观设计为永保时尚的包豪斯风格 ,其音色丰富,从明亮清脆,至温和柔美。弹奏时的各种触键方式能轻易实现不同音色表达。


• 由世界著名钢琴制造大师罗尔夫·伊巴赫先生主持设计
• 相对其小巧的尺寸,音效极其出众
• 弗尔里希击弦机精准度高,完全不使用塑料材质的零件
• 包豪斯风格设计具有超越时空的永恒魅力
• 弗尔里希弱音踏瓣可启动弱音弹奏模式,以免打搅敏感的邻居!