Bullet AC Amp Acoustic Guitar Amp

RM 530.00

AC-15C has a classics acoustic guitar and microphone double channel input, the speaker has a specialized 8 inch speaker. Nominal power is 15watt, max power is 40watt.It has a inside chorus function can let the guitar tone more beautiful. In order to get the best seeing and hearing effects, the amplifier has a inside amplifier trestle jack. It is the best choice for your home practicing and small performances.



MIC: MIC jack for instrument input

MIC VOLUME: Controls the microphone volume.

INPUT: Jack for guitar input.

GUITAR VOLUME: Controls the guitar volume.

BASS: Controls the boost and cut of the low frequency range

MID: Controls the boost and cut of the middle frequencies range

TREBLE: Controls the boost and cut of the upper frequencies, the treble control will make the sound brighter.

CHORUS SWITCH: In this effect, slightly detuned sound is added to the original sound, giving the sound greater breath and fullness.

CHORUS SPEED: Controls the chorus speed.

BACKBOARD: Headphone、power


Nominal power:15 watt

Max power:40watt


Special function: Chorus effect


Place of production: CHINA

Design & Technology: U.S.A